Remote Play What's this?
Remote Play is a feature that allows you to use this form to have your phone play a sound effect. This is especially useful if you don't want to have the phone in your hand when playing. To use Remote Play, the application must be running on the phone, and you have to set up Remote Play in the application settings. Select a clip, or type the name of a recorded or Zune clip, enter your username (or nickname), password (optional), and click Send to Phone.

Squeakbox. The sound effect toy for Windows Phone 7.

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Fun in the office tip.
This one has HR violation written all over it so proceed at your own risk. Set your phone in your friend's cube, and remote play the 'cat call' whistle when someone walks by.

You're in a meeting and the boss asks a question that no one answers. Perfect time to play the crickets sound effect. Or perhaps you're in a car with your friend driving and he accelerates through a questionable yellow light. Choose the police siren sound effect and enjoy the expression on his face. There are sound effects for bad jokes and puns, for poking fun, and yeah, we had to include some flatulance for your inner 2 year old.

With over 60 sound effects, there are sounds for countless occasions. Play sounds remotely through this website for added fun, have the sound play on a timer, or when the phone shakes. Check out the IdeaBox above for more suggestions.

Not enough? Record your own sound effects using the phone's built in microphone, or download your own sound effects and sync them to the phone using the Zune software. See the user guide for more details.